The New Vision Mobile Flexx ToolRoom!

Mar 7, 2017 | Blog Posts | 0 comments

READY TO WORK WHERE, WHEN AND HOW YOU NEED: In other words: highly mobile, extremely flexible and everything on board ready to go at a moments notice. This was the desire of many of our customers, which we adopted entirely as an ambitious challenge. As in the workshop, everything was to be connected and immediately ready for use. Also, tools and working materials should be complete and ready to hand. This also meant that shielding gas and suction would have to be fixedly attached to the mobile device. The term “mobility” was also to be redefined and largely exceed the transport rollers which had been used so far. In addition to the newly defined rollers with jacking option, easy transport by forklift truck, pallet truck or even by crane were on the requirement list. Nothing was abandoned or dropped for financial reasons: the new ToolRoom was to meet all requirements and leave nothing to be desired. The first outlines already showed that with the ToolRoom we were to create something new which was to meet the requirements of the market exactly. The pilot production was already sold before the first laser was mounted. Available as 150W, 300W and 450W FSS laser.
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