The Moment Polishing Became the Coolest.

As a kid I never really understood what my father’s company did. I mean I knew he left for the morning before I was out of bed, and many times he came home right before dinner hit the table.  When I went to visit there were really cool hoists that I used to grab hold of and be lifted to the ceiling. There were a lot of really cool looking machines, and things that made noise and buzzed really fast. Some of the guys had spinning discs that shot sparks all over the place, so that was pretty sweet, but that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge. Then dad brought home the coolest thing ever.

At that moment my dad was the coolest person in the world because he helped to bring something to life that I cared about dearly. The Darth Vader Star Wars action figure case, cue angelic heavenly music. You see my dad, to me the most awesome person ever, and Alliance (at that time Sabella Polishing) had polished the mold for the project, and they were given a few to bring home. Life. Changed. Forever. Now over time I have obviously learned about the ridiculously large number of things that this company help bring into the world. Things like toothbrushes, automotive taillights, medical lenses, caps and closures, you name it and over the past 40 years we have had a hand in bringing it to market. However, to this day, that Darth Vader action figure case is the one thing that brings it all back for me. Every day our shop is full of projects that put smiles on peoples faces in one form or another. Plastic is everywhere and in all facets of our life. It never ceases to amaze me the quite impact that we as a shop, have on so many people, and they will never even realize it. Thats ok, because we love what we do and we are extremely proud of our work. Tell us about the one piece of plastic that means the most to you?