Hot Runner Cleaning

Mar 7, 2017 | Blog Posts

Our new Hot Runner Manifold Cleaning System is the fastest, most cost saving and environmentally friendly method of removing practically all organic contaminants such as plastic, rubber or paint from steel parts. At Alliance we have taken mold maintenance to a new level with the addition of our Mold Manifold and Hot Runner Cleaning System. With this operation, parts are loaded into a tank where fluidized hot sand at a temperature of 800 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, scrubs, vaporizes, and burns off all left over organic material without damaging or warping the work pieces. The basket of cleaned parts is then hoisted out of the tank and set to cool. Now we are truly able to inspect and evaluate your jobs specific situation then dissect and address the issues necessary. Currently we are running three fluidized large bed ovens, allowing us to inspect, clean, and maintain the most complex hot runner and manifold systems. Those systems are fully prepared with a DME controller to test heaters and thermalcouples if and when damage is detected. We are also able to repair any and all thermocouples as needed and replace any damaged parts.

The Process

The main part of the system is an insulated reactor containing sand particles. The sand is brought to a bubbling, fluidized state by Injecting air from the bottom. The reactor is directly heated using a flame shield at the bed surface in order to achieve the extreme temperature. Not turbulent enough to be abrasive to the parts, the sand gently rubs the surface leaving the metal completely contaminant free and undamaged. The fluidized sand ensures that the parts are subjected to an even temperature profile to avoid distortion of any kind. The old plastic is thermally degraded within the sand bed and toxic gases are then oxidized at the bed surface using the flame shield. Inorganic particles are abraded by the sand particles and blown out of the sand bed and captured in a filter system.

Typical Applications

  • Cleaning molds, extrusion dies, screws, nozzles, hot runners and breaker platesRemoval of plastic and rubber from steel parts
  • Removing mold sand from castings and heat treatment
  • Stripping paint from parts
  • Recycling steel reject parts

The Advantages

  • Steel parts can be cleaned without thermal damage
  • Most environmentally friendly stripping technology used
  • Safe operation with no acids or stripping chemicals
  • Can safely remove plastics, rubber, paint, grease and other contaminants
  • Fastest turnaround times and greatest consistency

Additional Services

  • Inspection of the hot runner system
  • Inspection of the manifold system
  • Repairing of any and all thermocouples if needed.
  • Ability to replace any damage parts that are needed.
  • Fully set up with a DME controller for testing heaters and thermalcouples.
By utilizing our fluidized oven we are able to remove plastic and contaminants from the system resulting in less down time, greater efficiency in the molding process and a boost to your bottom line.  Now more than ever before, we are the only complete in-house, full service, mold maintenance professionals. For more information on our Hot Runner Cleaning System, contact us at