My father recently told me a story about a tractor that he has been trying to start for five years. That’s right, for half a decade he has been problem solving how to get this lifeless pile of parts moving. He spent hundreds of dollars and spent countless hours searching for solutions but through it all, he found nothing. When it seemed, all hope was lost he decided to ask his friend John West for a hand.

John West is a high-level Go-Kart racer known across the country as one of the best in the sport. He is one of the best Go-Kart drivers; his passion and expertise is definitely the mechanics of motors. He loves being around them, tweaking them, building them, and repairing them. He has been working on engines for more than 40 years.

When my father brought John to the farm to show him the tractor, he looked at it and within ten minutes he was able to identify the problem and provide the solution. John had never seen this tractor before. He wasn’t given some secret intel to help him look like a genius. So, what was it that allowed Mr. West to immediately identify the problem and the solution? 40 years of experience working with engines and motors.

That much time in a specific area brings a tribal knowledge that can only be gained through a multitude of experiences. Experience is gained by staying curious and open to the idea of learning something new every day. Experience prepares you with a mental library of problems solved in the past that allows you to see answers to questions that others didn’t even know to ask. Experience is impossible to learn from classes or books and it cannot be taught. Experience is earned with time, effort, and passion. It is invaluable to all situations.

My friend Jason Lopes from Carbon said today, “When you start with a project for the first time you don’t even know what you don’t know. Once you know what you don’t know you can figure out the answer.” That is experience.

Alliance has the experience you need to meet your needs. We are not just mold finishers and laser welders. We are mold makers who chose to polish, laser weld, laser engrave, and repair hot runners and molds. The 40 years of experience that we have accumulated allows us to see your struggles for what they are, problems we can solve.

Just like with the tractor there were plenty of things he tried. A few other people had tried to help him, but not one of them had the experience to know what to look for. The things that John instinctively already knew to check. Experience got it done.

Let our experience get it done for you.