It is always interesting to me when we meet new customers, or we go to trade shows or AMBA events and people say, “Huh, I didn’t know you did polishing too, when did you start that?” For the short answer I will borrow from the Bible and say… in the beginning…

40 years ago my father, John Demakis, started a polishing company with his then partner and friend Vince Sabella. At that time the company was cleverly called Sabella Polishing, mainly because it sounds way better than Demakis Polishing. It was a very humble beginning of two guys in a garage working hard day in and day out to create something out of nothing. It wasn’t long before they were too busy to handle the day to day and they started to hire additional team members and purchased a larger shop to meet the demands.

My father likes to tell me how much easier it was to get work in those days, “I would leave the house at 6:30am and I wouldn’t get back to the shop till 6:30 at night with a truck full of work. Then we would do the work and the following day, I would drop it all off and do it again.”

Back in those early days we were one of the only polishing companies around. Not to mention, it was much easier to get past the “gate keeper” in order to talk with the guys in the tool room. But that’s a post for another time….

Today mold finishing is still at the core of what we do and it makes up 70% of our work volume. We have grown to feature 9 professional polishers working on two different shifts and trained to handle all kinds of work. They all use only Diprofil polishing equipment, equipped with microscopes and ultra-sonic technology. Whether it is tiny micro molds for the medical industry, A1 optical finishes for lenses, or large aluminum molds for floor mats and automotive parts we have it covered.

These days it’s not strictly my father driving from place to place to pick up work. Quite the contrary, he is one of four people on the road each and every day picking up and delivering work to make your life easier. We have also added multiple services including preventative mold maintenance, hot runner manifold repair, laser welding and laser engraving to make sure that we can serve your ever.

My father says it this way, “From the very beginning we have built our company on servicing our customers to the best of our ability. What started out as a polishing company, doing the grunt work that no one else wanted to do, has turned into a mold making hub designed to meet all of the biggest challenges facing our customers.”