Many people have said that manufacturing is not coming back and that it is a dead end in this country. If the last few months and weeks have proven anything, it is that those people don’t know what they are talking about. I am here to say that American Manufacturing is ALIVE and ESSENTIAL to the way we live and function. I have heard it said that it takes a battle to have a victory. For years we have been struggling to compete with products made in China and other locations across the world. Now with Covid-19, we find ourselves in the middle of a new fight to maintain our businesses, industry, families, sanity, and health.

In the midst of this war, businesses are doing everything they can to keep their employees working and paid. Companies have stepped out of their comfort zones and shifted gears from producing the everyday items that they are known for and reinventing themselves to create essential products. 

I may not be a prophet or a soothsayer, but I see victory in our future. US Manufacturing and Plastics Industry workers are some of the most dedicated, determined, and innovative people I have ever been around. Where there is a challenge, there is a solution and we as a whole define that statement.

As a country we should be beyond proud of those that are making this possible. I know that I am incredibly excited to be a part of the plastic industry. It is amazing to see the way that we can all come together to provide solutions for the people of our country. Hand sanitizer bottles and caps, medical masks, face shields, packaging, you name it and it is being done faster and better than we have ever seen. As an industry, we are stronger together and together we will be dominant. 

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to all of the industry associations that are helping us make it through this current struggle. The Technology Manufacturing Association, National Association of Manufacturing, Illinois Manufacturing Association, and the American Mold Builders Association have all been working hard to provide answers, conversation platforms, and fighting for our rights to remain open and essential.