Optimize Your Weld: Alliance Lens Filter

Laser Welding results just got better! Screen out atmospheric impurities for a cleaner, stronger, more precise weld.
Laser welding has evolved and changed over the past 10 years. Machines are becoming more and more adaptable, mobile, powerful and efficient. However there has continuously been the issue of contaminants getting into the weld area. It is for this reason that we have developed a Gas Lens Filter Kit.

Traditional welding has been using a similar application for years for greater welding success. We have borrowed the concept and adapted it to take laser welding to a new standard of excellence. By creating a heat sink and lens we are able to screen out impurities in and around the stream of gas. When paired with the the nozzle fitting of your choice you are able to create a more focused beam of gas ensuring a cleaner stronger weld.

The Lens Kit system is compatible with all makes and models of laser welding machines. It attaches to your current machine by snapping it on to the Loc-Line assembly. Start getting the most out of your current set up today!

NASCAR Kobalt 400 Trophy polished by Alliance
If you would like more information or to purchase the Alliance Lens Filter Kit please contact us and we will be happy to help. Alliance Laser Kit Sales: 815.477.1332
Benefits Include:

  • More focused gas usage
  • Greater precision and weld accuracy
  • Minimal weld impurities
  • Increase in power
  • Cleaner weld area
  • Less damage and finishing time
Product Includes:

  • 7 Popular Nozzle Attachments
  • 1 Heat Sink Lens
  • 1 Plastic Shield Ring

Price: $120.00