Alliance Cares: iWarriors Golf Outing

As a team we are celebrating the fact that we were able to raise over $25,000 for our combat injured veterans courtesy of iWarriros.
On September 15, 2017 our team at Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales partnered with our friends Tim and Kim Bartz from iWarriors and Mold Craft Inc. to host the inaugural Alliance iWarriors Charity Golf Outing. For those of you that do not know, iWarriors is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of our combat-injured veterans by providing them iPad packages. These iPads are used in the physical rehabilitation and mentcomal recovery from PTSD and other injuries. It also allows them the opportunity to communicate with their families while they are away from home recovering. Once we had decided that we wanted to host an outing, I called Kim Bartz and asked, “What amount of money do we need to raise to purchase iPads for every deserving person on your waiting list?” “In order to do that we would need around $15,000. But really any amount that you raise would be helpful,” She responded. “Well then, I am going to tell you that we are going to raise a minimum of $15,000 for you guys.That is our new goal and we will accomplish it,” I told her. I hung up the phone and went into a meeting with our team to discuss. When I told them what I committed us to, the room was quiet for a brief moment. Then my father John Demakis said, “Awesome, lets do it.” Fast forward just one month later and we were presenting a check for more than $25,000 to Kim and her husband, Tim, for iWarriors. Every single thing about this event came together perfectly. God blessed us with a gorgeous day and everyone was treated to fun, networking, more fun and a great cause, making it one amazing event. We are extremely proud to have been able to host this event, but we were not able to do this on our own. The huge success of this event was made possible because of one thing: The moldmaking community as whole came together from across the country to make something amazing happen. In total we had 90 golfers, 30 individual sponsors, and over 100 people in attendance for dinner. On behalf of Alliance and iWarriors, I would personally like to thank every single company and person that either sponsored, golfed or donated to this event. A huge thank you to the following companies for making it a point to be part of the event: Progressive Components, Sullivan Tool & Repair, Dynasty Mold Builders, M. Holland Company, Menges Attorney At Law, The Technology and Manufacturing Association of Illinois, Duro-Chrome, Glenwood, Craftsman Tool & Mold Co., International Mold Steel Inc., Industrial Molds, Mold Craft Inc., Incoe Corporation, M.R. Mold, Bales Metal Surface Solutions, Compressed Air Advisors, 3S Advisory Group, Thermoflex, GSC, Sodick, Inc., Moritz Micro Mfg, Fisher, Byline Financial Group, Erowa Technology Inc., American Mold Builders Association, Matrix4, Pelco Tool & Mold, Comet Die & Engraving, Mold Tech, Team 1 Plastics, Extreme Tool and Engineering, Prestige Mold, Insurance Solutions Network, Ramcel Precision Stamping, Westminster Tool, United Tool & Mold Inc., ITW, and Janler Corp. I want to share a quote I receive yesterday in an email from Kim Bartz. After delivering a new batch of iPads to our wounded heroes, she received the following message. “Kimberly, I was excited when the iPad arrived, but I was overcome by emotion when I saw the inscription in the back of the iPad. The logistical efforts and fund raising involved in making this happen are nothing short of commendable. To see a group of people like you go the extra mile to help a Wounded Warrior made me realize once again that the American Heart is beating hard with the blood of Patriotism. May God bless you and your organization for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Respectfully, Moises Soto.” We are currently in the planning stages for next year’s event and will be looking to outdo what we did this year. If you would like to be part of changing peoples lives, please contact us to find out how you can be involved next year.