As a boy growing up I had the pleasure of being in Cub Scouts, Webelos, and then Boy Scouts. You learn a lot of great lessons as a scout. Everything from how to make a trebuchet out of popsicle sticks, to knowing the difference between maple leaves and poison ivy, to building a fire with melted crayons. Scouts also came with some of the coolest gear, but none was better than the all in one, mother of all survival tools, the Swiss Army Knife.

No matter what you need it is there. Starting with a large and small knife blade. It also has screwdrivers (Phillips and standard), scissors, corkscrew, can opener, tweezers, and even a tooth pick. It is easily the go to solution when you are going to be in the woods.

Some people would look at the Swiss Army Knife and think that it is overkill and won’t a standard old flip knife work just as well? I meanwhy do you really need a saw blade on your pocketknife? My answer for that is because when you do need it, aren’t you glad you have it?

Now lets look at how this applies to work. There are many companies out there that specialize in one thing specificallySome may do polishing, or they do laser welding, or they do hot runner repair, and that is all they do. They are the flip knife of the industry. Good at what they do but if you need anything else you are going to have to bring a lot of additional tools. When your tool is in need of finishing or repair, do you really want the risk and delays of sending it to multiple places to achieve the necessary results?

That is where Alliance can make the difference. We are the Swiss Army Knife of the plastic injection industry. The beautiful red handled hub for all your mold finishing and repair needs. Why is this important? Because we know that if you need some laser welding or engraving done, you most likely will need that part finished and polished. If you have a hot runner manifold that needs to be repaired, you may need to have parts laser welded up and machined back to spec.

You see, no matter what you needwe are ready to serve you. Pick up and delivery, mold finishing, hot runner manifold repair, mold maintenance, laser welding, and laser engravingyou need it, we do it. So the next time you have a tooling need are you going to use the one trick pony and hope for the bestor are you going to put your trust in the multifaceted, problem solving, all around difference makers?