In September of 1979, our company began as two friends working out of their garage. Fueled by determination, hard work, and grit, they figured it out as they went along and the journey over the past 40 years has been nothing short of amazing. Since then we have grown from a simple polishing shop in a Franklin Park garage to where we are today, a 30,000 square foot facility based in Wauconda Il, with two satellite offices servicing the manufacturing industry across the country. We started off as Sabella Polishing and together we have become an Alliance.

But Alliance is not just our name; rather, it tells the story of who and what we are. It is our vision and a mission. – To be a team of like minded, hard working individuals specializing in all areas of the mold making industry coming together to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Polishing, laser welding, laser engraving, hot runner manifold repair, and preventative mold maintenance are the core disciplines of our business making us the only complete mold finishing and repair facility in the country. We have used this expertise and knowledge to develop one of the best laser welding and engraving systems on the market and have become a global player.

There have been many changes over the years, but one thing has remained unchanged: our grit. It is that grit that makes us who we are and defines our company. When you look around the shop you will see grit coloring our hands, dusting our benches, and swirling through the air. Small remnants of dirt from delivering rain or shine, little pieces of left behind polishing stones, grease, sand and plastic from the molds we clean, abandoned splinters of welding wire and engraving soot. These are just a few of the examples of grit that surround us daily. It is threaded into the fine detail of our lives and no matter how much you clean there will always be a sense that there is hint of grit left behind. That’s the grit you find in our hearts. That grit of courage and strength to start a company form nothing. The grit to put it on the line and to try new things that no one else thinks possible. The grit that provides the passion and perseverance to take on challenges no one else could. The grit to recognize and seize an opportunity and never back down. The grit to do whatever it takes to not only get the job done, but done right. It’s a fact, that when you walk through the doors at Alliance you are surrounded by grit.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary and take a moment to reflect on our roots, it is important to realize that we will only reach our truest potential by maintaining that same level of grit that got us here in the first place. The Alliance Grit is unique and something that we are extremely proud of. It has guided our direction and become the foundation of our core values.

Gratitude: We recognize and are grateful for every opportunity, and experience that we have been given.

Relationships: We believe that we are at our best when we are working together. It’s not me that gets it done, but we, that makes it happen.

Integrity: We believe that doing the right thing is always the right thing to do, and we will never sacrifice our values.

Tenacity: we believe that through hard work nothing is impossible. It is a matter of not quitting until you achieve success.

You see that’s Grit. Grit is what this company was built on. Grit is what you see when you walk through the doors; it is who we are and what makes us a family. Grit is in our blood and it flows through our veins, feeding the hunger to be better each and every day. The same Alliance Grit that started as a dream in a garage 40 years ago is alive in every single person that calls this place home. It is our Grit that makes the difference between us and every other company out there, and it’s the reason why we will continue to be a dominant force in the industry for the next 40 and beyond.