The worst four letter word in the English language is can’t.

When I was teaching my kids how to ride their bikes, I would do what most parents do. I held onto the back of their seat as they wiggled and wobbled down the street. I was able to experience this twice in my life. Once with my son Jack and then with my daughter Grace. Up and down the street we would go, over and over again they would lose their balance, put their feet down, and look at me and say, “I can’t do it”. I would look back them, smile and say, “Can too”. Then they would get back on their bikes and we would try again. My kids knew they had my support. I stayed positive with them and encouraged them that it can be done.

After days of failure and practice with the same results, the breakthrough eventually happens.  That breakthrough happened for my son as he was determined to finally make it down the street. He pushed off on his own and immediately drifted to the side and put his feet down. He shook his head and gathered his little body composure and pushed off again. Down the street he went, he passed one driveway, then a second, then a third and fourth. All the way down the block he went till he got to the stop sign. He put his feet down and with a big proud voice he yelled out his new truth. “CAN TOO!”

Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you are right”.  

As a family and company of problem solvers ‘can’t’ is the four-letter word above all others that makes my skin crawl. The word creates limits, holds you back, stifles creativity, and crushes possibility. It is utterly amazing to me that in today’s world, people still use this dirty word.

The word ‘can’t’ is quite possibly the absolute worst thing that you could say out loud. Just by uttering those syllables you are creating self-imposed boundaries of what you are capable of accomplishing. You see, I believe that anything is possible it is just a matter of having the means and the patience to make it happen.

Tenacity is one of our core values and in short it is a fancy word for ‘can too’. Our goal is to make a difference for you when you need it most. It may not be easy, but we will make it happen because ‘we can’.