Your reputation is one of those things that follow you like your shadow. Anywhere you go it’s right there with you and it’s incredibly difficult to change. That’s because your reputation is how others perceive who and what you are, not what you say you are. Your reputation comes from your actions and how you actually deliver on your words. There is no amount of marketing that can form your reputation; it comes from a person’s actual experiences and what he or she says.

There is a meme I have seen that I really like when it comes to work. It says “There are three kinds of services; Good, Cheap and Fast. You can only pick two. Good and Cheap won’t be Fast. Cheap and Fast won’t be Good. Fast and Good won’t be Cheap.”

As much as this statement speaks truth to the impossibilities of being everything to everyone all of the time, it is important to remember that sacrificing quality for price or speed rarely works out in the end. Inevitably, no matter what is said at the beginning of the project a quality result is mandatory in the end. What good is an on-time project if it doesn’t do what it is supposed to? Likewise, if the most important concern to you is the lowest possible price, can you really complain when the outcome doesn’t meet high standards? There is a reason that McDonald’s and Burger King are less expensive than Morton’s or Gibson’s Steak House. I mean they both serve beef, but there is a major difference from one to the other.

Our goal at Alliance is to be a difference-maker in the industry, providing the highest possible quality to our customers at all times. This means we are never going to be the cheapest option. So, although it is nice to be known as the company that provides the highest quality results and service by going the extra mile to get things done right, it is equally as frustrating to miss out on industry opportunities because of the bottom dollar. Delivering those quality results and customized service comes at a higher price point. 

At the end of the day we are all going to be known for something. What do you want your reputation to be?