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Very Low Heating of the Part
The difference between laser welding and all other traditional methods of welding and soldering is the lasers ability to produce the necessary energy required for melting metal within 1/1000 sec. Due to that short period of time, there is no strong heating of the part. There is a significant amount of relaxatioin time compared to the duration of the energy pulse, keeping temperatures down.

Ability for Extremely Fine Welding Applications
Through the combination of percision laserbeams and the high powered microscope, the standard welding range is between .015 to .030. In special cases laser spots have been achieved as tight as .005.

Compatibility of Materials
Due to the fact that laser welding doesn't need the use of an electrode to acheive its weld, there are no impurities being deposited into the metal structure. Laser welding when done with specialty laser wire, available through Alliance, allows you the ability to weld materials together which previously were impossible.

Perfect Innert Gas Protection
The low heating of the part removes any disturbances which may destroy the protection gas atmosphere. This results in unmatched clean welding zones.

Smooth Welded Surfaces
With laser technology you can easily clean and smooth a welded surface after treatment. With a large welding spot, if you heat it a second time the result is a smooth melted surface.

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