When it comes to Laser Welding we know all of the ins and outs of the machines that we sell. Not because we have read it out of a book, but because we work with them every single day. We live within the industry we serve so we know what you need when it comes to looking for a successful partner.



By eliminating downtime you are able to increase your company’s productivity in all areas.



Laser welding utilizes energy in a much more efficient manner allowing for lower costs



Beam and weld precision means less heat stress and metal distortion and less down time.


1)   Very Low Heating of the work piece.

In difference to all other technologies of welding or soldering, the laser brings the necessary energy for the melting of the metal within some 1/1000 sec (ms). Due to the short time even at the power up to 12KW there is no strong heating. The melting process is so short that the average power is very low (60-200W only). The duration of the pulse in comparison with the relax time is very large.  Even at high frequency of pulse repetition rate the relax time is very large. There is no other technology that offers such low heating in the welding process.

Because of this low hear the following advantages are achieved; Low deformity and little to know heat affected zone (HAZ) , minimal to no sink and far less cracking on sensitive materials. With Laser Welding you also have the ability to weld in places where the material is very thin, as well as the ability to weld within assembly, even if it is near a very heat sensitive area. Now you can easily weld materials with totally different thermal expansion levels. Because of the small deposition of welding material there is less machining, sometimes the parts can simply be hand worked or fit by a tool maker with no machining at all. All of this without having to preheat the materials.

2)   Extremely Fine Welding: Due to the combination of a very fine laser beam with the microscope you have normal line for welding in the range from 0.2 to 1mm.  In special cases you can achieve spots down to 50um.

3)   Compatibility of Materials. Due to the fact that Laser Welding does not use an electrode, there are no impurities being introduced to the metal structure.  On the other hand, you can use special wire to weld materials that normally are not possible to weld together.

4)   Perfect Inert Gas Protection: Due to the low heating there exists no turbulence that destroys the protective gas atmosphere.  The results are a really clean welding zone.

5)   Ability To Weld Difficult Areas: Laser beams will always shoot straight and have zero concern for arcing. Magnetic fields do not affect the welding process. Tight, deep areas are possible and actually easy to access and work on. (if you can see it through the microscope and get protective gas to the area, you can weld it)


Whether you are looking for a laser welding or laser engraving machine. Alliance Laser has the solution to fit your needs. Select the machine below that fits your individual business needs.

Vision Unixx III

The ideal machine for the mold making industry. This unit has been developed for areas where the laser work shop needs to be prepared for any type of job. Regardless of whether hundreds of small inserts, one large mold, or production parts need to be welded, the UNIXX III will fulfill any task with the highest precision.

  • Stability 100%
  • Ease Of Use 95%
  • Versatility 95%

Vision Mobile Flexx

If you want to be prepared for everything, the Mobile Flexx should be with you. You have full microprocessor control for all movements and the full synchronization of lasers and movements. So it doesn’t matter whether you work inside of the shop on a table or on location on a huge mold. – the Mobile Flexx will be the the professional solution to get your job done.
  • Stability 85%
  • Ease Of Use 95%
  • Versatility 97%

Vision MobileFlexx ToolRoom

If you want to be prepared for everything, the Mobile Flexx should be with you. You have full microprocessor control for all movements and the full synchronization of lasers and movements. So it doesn’t matter whether you work inside of the shop on a table or on location on a huge mold. – the Mobile Flexx will be the the professional solution to get your job done.
  • Stability 85%
  • Ease Of Use 95%
  • Versatility 99%

Vision Ultra Flexx

Flexible laser arm with rotating and swiveling processing head. The new Vision Ultra Flexx sets new standards within the framework of repair welding. Whether it’s at a height of 10 feet, or in the centre of a 15 foot by 15 foot structure, with precise welding on the X, Y and Z axes, you can weld with the highest level of precision.

  • Stability 80%
  • Ease Of Use 90%
  • Versatility 100%

Vision Ergo Workstation

An excellent performer for small tooling production and spot welding. Featuring 2 Z-axes for an ergonomic sitting position. Ergonomic workspace with covered guideways for processing long workpieces. All functions can be controlled from an external terminal on the worktop. Optional extension for pulse-synchronized circumferential welding.
  • Stability 100%
  • Ease Of Use 90%
  • Versatility 80%

Vision T-BaseV3

A compact, open welding station with a digitally-controlled three- axis work table and a separate height-adjustable laser head. With a unique control concept, you can extend manual welding via a precise motion control with sophisticated automatic and program functions. Ideal for small to medium production parts and tooling.

  • Stability 100%
  • Ease Of Use 100%
  • Versatility 85%


As an enclosed laser workstation in laser class 1 or as an open model for greater flexibility No matter which model you choose, the lasers will meet all your design, technology and performance requirements. Design and ergonomics were a key focus of development as these lasers are often part of advanced modern laboratory facilities

  • Stability 100%
  • Ease Of Use 95%
  • Versatility 40%


The ID1-Fiber is a pure hands on laser welding machine. Every part of the machine is adjustable to allow you the versatility and flexibility you need to meet all of your demands. Because it is created to be manually adjusted we have eliminated virtually any and all possibility for mechanical and electrical failure.

  • Stability 95%
  • Ease Of Use 90%
  • Versatility 100%


Finally there is a laser engraving solution developed specifically for the needs of the mold making professional. Laser marking is widely employed on large scale for part identification and traceability.

  • Stability 95%
  • Ease Of Use 90%
  • Versatility 100%


We used to job out about $200,000 of welding every year. I was concerned that because only 10% of that was laser welding buying a laser welder would not pay for itself. I was wrong. We are able to laser weld much larger areas than I thought we could in very efficient time. I'd say we now laser weld about 75% of our welding needs. The machine is very dependable, and when we do need service for something Alliance has always responded immediately. I can't imagine my business without our Alliance Laser.

TJ Donlin

President, Comet Die and Engraving

As a recent Lead Time Award winner, Industrial Molds Group requires the ability to complete engineering changes and repairs on the fly in the fastest time possible. It is for these reasons, as well as the quick learning curve, extreme ease of use and unmatched service and support from Alliance that we selected the Vision Unixx Laser Welding Station for our shop. Since installation, we immediately noticed huge improvements in timing, production and the bottom line. Tim Peterson

Vice President, Industrial Molds Group

When looking for a proven partner specializing in laser welding, mold maintenance and repair, ToolingDocs turned to Alliance for all of our needs. We are the only company offering the Vision Unixx Laser System for our clients to learn on in a real world environment. This machine has made a world of difference to our classes and seminars. Steve Johnson

President, Mold Trax

This business and this industry is challenging enough as is. I’ve owned 4 different lasers. I’ve experienced the challenges with other lasers. The ease of use, dependability, service and support on the Vision Lasers sold by Alliance Laser Sales differentiates them and their lasers from the others in the market. It’s the right tool for the job with the maximum uptime and the minimum drama allowing me to focus on my other challenges because laser welding isn’t one of them. J.R. Hommer

Owner, Hommer Tool & Mfg., Inc.

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